Infrastructure Projects in Hampton Roads, VA

Jet-Vac (Vactor) Pipe Cleaning

Atlantic Heating & Cooling provides professional jet vac vacuuming and cleaning services in Hampton Roads, VA for the removal of solids and semi-solids from lift stations, ejector pits, manholes, storm sewers, catch basins and all areas where sludge, heavy sediment and other types of wastewater can build up.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Atlantic Heating & Cooling offers expert maintenance and installation of grease traps for residential and commercial properties in Hampton Roads, VA. Our team has extensive knowledge and training in all grease trap regulations, cleaning, pumping, and maintenance to keep your drains clear and flowing as they should.

Rolloff Dumpsters

We offer an array of containers and dumpsters. We can even fulfill unique job requirements, whether you have large volume needs or difficult site conditions. We also have a selection of smaller containers, which allow for the use of containers in very tight conditions, where a standard dumpster might not be viable.

Hydrovac Excavation

Hydro-excavation is a non-mechanical, non-destructive process that uses pressurized water and industrial strength vacuum to safely break up and excavate soil. This provides a safe, fast and precise alternative to conventional backhoes or other mechanical methods to meet your excavation needs.

No Dig Pipe Lining

Are you having trouble with your sewer line in Hampton Roads, CA? Fix your damaged sewer line with industry-leading, trenchless pipe repair technology that uses little to no digging.

Grease Trap Cleaning • F.O.G. Certified

Pump & Haul Trucks

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Traffic Control

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Hydrovac (HYDRO) Excavation

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