Customer Reviews

I have used Atlantic several times including Atlantic potties. They are always on time and provide great services across the board. The potties are well maintained and the weekly service is much better than most other companies. Well established business that knows what they are doing.

William B.


I recently went through a nightmare situation with my home warranty (HMS) company and there local HVAC company. I have not had working AC for 2 months and the local HVAC company had decided the only answer was to replace the whole system and the warranty company would only cover a portion of the expense. I reached out to Atlantic Heating and Cooling for a second opinion (out of my pocket because HMS would not do a second opinion). Not only did they not take advantage of the situation. They resolved my issue with a simple service call. Noted that I have a unique system that requires a special tech and would follow up with a contact that could assist me in the future if I had issues. The other company had 4 different techs come out with no resolution insight. Thank you for your integrity and highly skilled staff.

Graham M.


I could not have asked for better service. Brad and his team were amazing. They were there on one of the hottest and humid days and yet they were as pleasant as could be. They replaced the hot water tank, heating and cooling units. The work was completed and it really was red carpet service. I would highly recommend Atlantic Heating and Cooling. Great job. Thank you.

JoAnn S.


Took great care of my friend when she was in need of having a slow drain issue fixed. Couldnt of asked for nicer guys to show up. Very professional.

Dan S.


Our furnace wouldn’t fire on cold days. The landlord hired these guys, and they were able to identify a pressure switch signal that wasn’t passing through the controller board. The board had no obvious damage, but with a cable bundle attached that had some heft to it–I think the vibration and shaking of the house from street construction AUG-SEP busted one of the traces inside the board.

They had it replaced and firing very quickly. The technician drove about a half-hour out to get the replacement part.

While I don’t know how they handled cost, the service was second to none. Watching the technician’s work, it was clear that he had the electromechanical underpinnings of many of these units committed to memory–knowing exactly where to test and which voltage or signal to look for.

While there wasn’t any obvious evidence other than more flex than a new board, the natural expansion and contraction of the board with an imperceptible crack in it–could explain why it wouldn’t operate on cold days, but would on warm ones.

I’m two days into this, and the problem has not returned.

Bradley A. | Norfolk, VA