No Dig Pipe Lining

Everything that goes down the drain in your home flows to either the sewer main or your septic field. Your sewer pipe can be 6 to 15 feet below ground.

Over the years, your pipes may have been subject to infiltration by roots and water. Settling pipes can become broken, separated, and possibly collapsed resulting in slow drains, unhealthy sewer backups, or even a saturated low spot in your lawn.

Call us about our no dig pipe lining in Virginia Beach, Richmond, Newport News, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk & Hampton Roads, Virginia.

The No Dig Alternative:

  • Little to no disruption to your daily routine
  • Eliminates the need for disruptive and time consuming excavation
  • Repairs can be made any time of year – even under frozen ground

A Permanent Solution:

  • Permanent repair that is stronger than the original pipe and is not affected by household oils or chemicals
  • No toxic fumes in your home – PipePatch is odorless and safe for indoor use
  • Creates a structural repair
    Guarantee 50 year service life

Additional Applications:

  • Close off unwanted connections
  • Create pipe where original pipe is missing
    Smooth the transition of offset pipes
  • Home, Commercial, Hospitals, Airports, etc.