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Radio Dispatched 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE 7 Days a Week!

National Toll Free 1-800-627-0778

Radio Dispatched 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE 7 Days a Week!

National Toll Free

Virginia Beach, VA: (757) 460-6100

Virginia Beach, VA
(757) 460-6100

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Richmond, VA
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Newport News, VA
(757) 874-2200

Municipal Pipe Services

A malfunctioning pipe can do more than affect your system. Atlantic Heating & Cooling municipal pipe services has spent years helping companies in Virginia Beach to ensure their piping system runs as efficiently as possible, and have experience providing a variety of services to meet any unique customer need.

We bring quality, safety, professionalism and cost effective solutions to our municipal customers. With services in water, storm drains and sewers, Our highly skilled team is well experienced in pipeline cleaning, inspection & repair.

Municipal Pipe Inspection

Municipal pipe inspection is necessary in order to maintain a municipal sewer system, and it can catch potentially difficult to repair problems long before they occur. When a regular pipe inspection schedule is not followed, problems like sludge buildup, pipe deterioration, root invasions, corrosion, and other issues can build up over time. When municipal sewer problems are neglected, they can easily lead to major blockages and pipe collapses. This can end up causing plumbing outages for entire neighborhoods, so it is of the utmost importance for regular maintenance and inspection to be performed for municipal sewers.

CCTV Pipe Inspection

CCTV technology is used to inspect many types of municipal pipes, and this technology can save a substantial amount of time compared to other types. This technology is used to visually inspect the interior of the pipeline, allowing our operators to inspect the entire pipeline in search of breaks, leaks, tree roots intrusions, corrosion, and any other potential problems that could lead to a pipeline failure.

Pipeline System Cleaning Services

Many municipalities experience reduced effectiveness of potable water systems and related process equipment due to scale build-up and other system-age related degradation issues. Atlantic Heating & Cooling’s sewer pipe cleaning solutions for pipes of any diameter. We assess the pipe upon arrival and, based on quantity of debris and the condition of the pipe, we determine the best type of equipment for the job. Our cleaning crews specialize in providing industrial pipe cleaning services that exceed customer expectations.

Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is also commonly referred to as daylighting, potholing, and non-destructive excavation. High pressure water is injected into the soil where it is loosened and then vacuumed into a debris tank, safely exposing what is underneath the earth’s surface. Our tanks, water, vacuum and debris tanks are all contained on one vehicle.

No Dig Pipe Lining

If you have a sewer line that needs repair or replacement, Atlantic Heating & Cooling can help you with no dig pipe lining in Virginia Beach. With conventional methods of pipe and sewer repair, a large trench must be dug around your sewer line, often up to eight feet deep. This destroys your landscaping and can be costly to clean up. We offer an innovative solution: trenchless pipe lining. If you are having trouble with your sewer line or underground pipes and are looking for a solution that doesn’t rip up your yard or cause a mess, we can help. Call our pipe lining plumbers in Virginia Beach to find out if trenchless pipe lining is appropriate for your situation.