Vactor Services in Richmond, VA

Atlantic Heating & Cooling has a fleet of vactor trucks in Richmond, VA. Our vactor trucks offer powerful cleaning system to remove oil, dirt, grease, rubber and other materials from hard, flat surfaces using the two core area of expertise – high pressure water technology with a powerful vacuum source.

These machines combine high-pressure water blasting technology with a powerful vacuum source and a multi-stage filtration process. An operator easily guides a maneuverable, compact rotary surface-cleaning mower over the area. Removed contaminants go directly into the filtration system and all water used remains within this closed loop process. Other traditional pressure washing systems clean surfaces, but allow the residue (including the oil, grease and detergents) to run off into storm drain systems and ultimately into the water supply.

Some Applications:

  • Exterior Grease Traps
  • Flooded Parking Lots, Elevator Shafts And Sump Pits
  • Oil Tanks
  • Pool Filter Sand Removal
  • Sewage Injection Pits
  • Sewer And Storm Drain
  • Storm & Sanitary Sewer Systems
  • Truck Loading Docks
  • Vortex Systems
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants

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