Hydrovac (HYDRO) Excavation

The Hydrovac process can solve many problems and provides a safer way to dig and complete excavations. It offers a system that minimizes disruptions and damages to existing infrastructure. Other benefits include:

  • It provides a safe way to complete excavations without the need of having a worker inside the trench controlling the excavation equipment.
  • Protects existing infrastructure through a controlled way of excavating
  • Hydrovac ensures that surrounding soil is not disturbed, reducing the cave-in fatalities.
  • The excavation process is faster when compared to traditional excavation process.
  • Hydrovac only involves water and an air vacuum, minimizing the needs for additional equipment
  • The equipment for hydrovac can be located far from the actual location being worked, reducing congestion in the work area

Hydrovac Services

  • Slot Trenching
  • Debris Removal
  • Potholing
  • Excavate in Tight Spaces
  • Cold Weather Excavation
  • Pole Setting

This service is available to the entire state of Virginia and the Atlanta metro area.

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